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Condemned to eternal damnation, fallen angel, Ayden Royce, is suffering terrible torture in the deepest pit of Hell when the Devil offers him a single chance to save himself. He must seduce and innocent young woman and convince her to take his place in the fiery pit. Betrothed to and evil undertaker, Olivia Stone is ready to sacrifice all to keep her family from financial ruin, until she meets the mysterious and alluring Ayden. She can't resist the powerful attraction to the former fallen angel. When the Devil offers to grant Olivia three wishes, saving her family, making her a famous London dressmaker, and rescuing Ayden, she agrees to sign over her soul. Though he'd labored to keep his emotions and desires in check, Ayden can't help falling for Olivia. With a terrible fate looming in her future, how can he possibly condemn the woman he loves to suffer endless torture? Can the magical power of love overcome the eternal fire of hell and damnation? One thing is certain. There is no denying fate when one has the Devil to Pay...

The Devil to Pay

Description Coming Soon

My Fair Demon
Hell's Belle

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