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Left crippled and weak after a pistol shot to his head, Robert Houghton, Earl of Singleton, is kidnapped by a cantankerous ghost and taken back through time to 1245 Scotland. There he meets Jenna MacReynolds, who faces her doom at the hands of the cruelest man in all of Scotland, who once ravaged her and left her barren. She knows that once it is learned that she cannot conceive his child, he will do anything necessary to claim her beautiful young sister as his bride. Desperate, Jenna calls up the ancient ghost who owes every first born daughter of the MacReynold clan a single wish. The ghost delivers Robert, and though he’s not quite what she had in mind, she has no choice but to offer him her hand in marriage. But the love that grew out of a common purpose has a magical power of its own, and, as Robert and Jenna learn, it’s strong enough to overcome the fiercest evil and transcend even time itself.

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