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After his Cardiologist father's death, heart specialist Dr. Mike Delany must deal with the his grieving dysfunctional family, the demands of his job, suspicion of involvement in his father's demise, and the beautiful but determined temporarily contracted physician Dr. Shannon Kinsey. After spending a lifetime in the shadow of his overachieving and world renown father, he must somehow pick up the pieces of his life and decide what to do next. One thing is for sure, he can't possibly fall for the beautiful woman who has entered his life.

Dr. Shannon Kinsey, recently divorced from a very successful neurosurgeon has fled her home in Chicago to go to a small but growing Florida city. With all of her money tied up in her divorce and having signed away her life, she desperately needs this job. Upon arrival she learns that though the practice contracted her, the surviving partner has plans to close the business. Under threat of legal action, she convinces Mike Delany to keep the practice going. Unfortunately, the longer she's there, the more she realizes that this man has much more to deal with than just grieving his father. Something inside him has broken . Though Shannon knows it could prove hazardous to her own chances for happiness, she means to find out what it was that has damaged him so badly and maybe help him to open his heart once and for all.

The Cardiologist's Open Heart

Description Coming Soon

The Pediatrician's Forgiving Heart

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