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Another Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop! (RO)

Hi again!

Yep. It’s that time for anther 8 sentence Sunday for the Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop!

You can check out more cool reads at: or go to #8SSunday.

This week, I’m going to post a bit more from my soon to be released Regency Romance, To Rescue An Earl.

The Set up:

Forced to marry London’s infamous Mad Earl, Miranda Ellerton must do all she can to save her critically ill husband from the dangerous treatment of his cousin and physician. After one failed attempt to rescue him, she attempts once more to get him to safety…

The Excerpt:

Quiet as a sigh, Amanda moved about the room. She’d carried heavy doubts about their stopping for the night, but her husband grew weaker with every passing hour. By sunset of their second day on the road, she knew he would not make London alive. So, taking what few valuables she had, she’d bartered a room at a small inn. Rundown and flea-bitten, at least the sheets were passably clean. Miranda knew she wouldn’t be able to afford many nights like this, but perhaps he might recover enough during the next hours to make the other half of their journey.

“Easy, my love,” she crooned softly as she tucked her husband into the bed.

Her answer was but a single moan before he fell eerily silent…

Excerpt end.

Catch ya’ll next time!

Happy Reading!



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